Tuesday, 18 June 2013

New project and M'aiq update

Ooops! I meant to post a couple of weeks back, but then... life. It's been a bit hectic, as per usual!

Here's an update on M'aiq, taken at the end of May. Since then, nothing/very little has been done.

He's starting to look a little more filled in! I really like filling in the small gaps of stitches, it feels like I've accomplished something.

So, what have I been doing, if not working on M'aiq? Well, as I wasn't going to start any new projects in May... I saved one of them for June. I found a Dr Who SAL over on www.fandominstitches.com and this has been keeping me plenty entertained! To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr Who, the blog is releasing a pattern to embroider over 12 weeks. The 6th pattern will be announced tomorrow, and I'm a little behind, as I only started in June. So far, I've done the first 2 patterns, and am working away on the 3rd. This is my first foray into embroidery, and I'm enjoying it so far. The final item should be a good sized quilt - having never quilted before, this is a little bit daunting! Still, you have to try new things, right? I decided to do everything on plain cotton - it's cheaper than the patterned stuff, and it's a lot easier to trace the pattern onto light fabric!

Here are the first two

I also went away for a weekend, as I won tickets to the Eden Festival, up in Scotland. It was a fantastic weekend, the weather was beautiful, everyone was jolly, the atmosphere was brilliant. It was just me and the bf, and we had heard of almost none of the line up, and were a little dubious about going. We bought a tent, and some other camping bits and pieces, and off we went. The highlight for both of us was seeing Mr Motivator on stage on Saturday afternoon. He got the whole crowd moving and laughing, and he's in pretty good shape considering he's 61 this year! The choice of food at the festival was brilliant, and very varied, and the drinks weren't badly priced which was a bonus. We'd taken some drinks with us, and had no problem getting into the festival with them. Although we didn't know much of the line-up, we had a great time, and there was always something going on. I would whole heartedly recommend this festival to almost any of my friends.