Monday, 22 February 2016

How is it nearly the end of February already?!

Yikes, time does seem to be going quickly these days. I can't believe it's nearly the end of February already. I know it's a short month, but this seems crazy! But I do have good news...

It's the second month of the year, and I have a second completed project. For me, that's fantastic. True, both finished object of the year so far have been simple, but the main thing is that I've finished them. I was really tempted to put the blanket to one side and "forget" about weaving in all of the ends, but I plodded on and got it done.

But what about the second finished project of 2016? That nearly got put to one side because I couldn't be bothered to sew on the pom pom. But I forced myself to get it done and am really glad that I did.

Pre-pom pom
Post-pom pom
The hat was a kit containing wool for the body of the hat and a pom pom for the top, and was given to me by a friend last Christmas. It had been languishing in the wool stash and seemed like an easy make so I thought I'd make it while it's still a bit chilly! I started knitting on straight 5.5mm needles as per the pattern, but soon realised that it was going to be an absolute nightmare to sew up. I then switched to circular needles (which made the stocking stitch section incredibly simple!) and misread the pattern slightly - you're supposed to start on 5.5mm needles, then switch to 6.5mm needles after finishing the ribbing.... I started on the 6.5mm needles straight away, so the ribbing is pretty loose. It's still comfortable and hasn't fallen off yet, so luckily it's not a major problem. Getting it off the circular needles was probably trickier than it needed to be, but I got there in the end, got the 2 ends sewn in and added the pom pom at the knitting group. I love how this has turned out, the colour is awesome and it's very cosy.

So, what next? I've started on a commission piece, and even did a tiny bit of work on the Epic Pokemon cross stitch. Wool has been purchased for the GAL blanket edging, and the Snape edging, and I'm eyeing up a cool cabled wrap (I've not tried cabling before, so that could be fun/awful). I've also got a cool bead kit thing that a friend bought me so I may even try that next. I have a feeling that I won't be able to keep up the one finished project a month for long, but if I pick and choose projects wisely, it might continue a little bit longer!