Monday, 25 November 2013

Long time no post...

I really did mean to write an 'anniversary' post at the beginning of the month, but things got busy and I haven't done it. It seems a bit silly to do it now, so I won't.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures for today's post - because I'm rubbish and keep forgetting to take photos! I honestly will have a picture of the Lemming blanket soon, and possibly the swap gift I sent for the Sprite Stitch swap. It went a bit late, but it's gone, and I'm just waiting to hear that the swapee has received it, which whould be in the next few days!

I've also started a new knitting project, and will have pictures of that next time - I've started a Princess Leia hat. So far the hat part is done, and I'm now working on the hair swirls. Sounds odd, but hopefully it will turn out ok.

This week is looking busy, work wise, with a course to go on, as well as the usual college work. I'm also off to watch the snooker (UK Championships) this weekend, which should be good! I've never watched it live, but do enjoy watching it on tv. It'll be a new experience and it's even better because I won the tickets in a Twitter competition!

Enough rambling, I have things that need doing (when do I ever not?!) and I should try to get at least some of them done.