Friday, 22 April 2016

GAL blanket - 2014

I've finally finished my 2014 GAL blanket!

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but the Geek-A-Long is organised by Lattes and Llamas, who are using it to spread awareness of a fantastic charity called Child's Play. All the details are over on their website, along with the squares they've released for the GAL - from 2014 to present. There's also a widget so you can donate to the charity if you're interested.

As the name suggests, I started this back in 2014, and finished it last night. I'd had the squares finished ages ago, and they were just sat on the side, waiting to be joined together into one awesome blanket. It was my first attempt at double knitting and also my first applied i-cord edging to finish off the blanket. I am incredibly happy with how it's turned out - being double knit it's lovely and warm, and reversible! It is perhaps a little bit small for a full blanket but would make a great baby blanket. I picked the fandoms that my partner and I love (and that didn't look too difficult!) so it's quite a personal blanket for the pair of us.

The first year they did this, 2014, the theme was geeky, trying to encompass all types of geeky fandoms. Last year, 2015 focused on scientists. This year is video games - I've already found about 6 squares that I want to make, but am desperatly trying to finish off some more things before I think about starting another blanket! I'd definitely have to make it bigger next time, probably 24 squares. It may happen in the future though...

Still need to edge His Hotness aka Snape, but I did get that out last night and wove in the loose ends. Now I just need to summon the courage to sit down and pick up lots of stitches - something I'm not fond of doing! I also realised that M'aiq the Liar cross stitch is still not quite complete, and that I have another unfinished cross stitch lying about somewhere... There's also the Doctor Who quilt top that I need to attach to a back. No rest for the wicked I guess!