Thursday, 19 June 2014

Freedom! Well, kinda

It's been a hectic few weeks. Unexpected work trips, illnesses and exams do not make for a fun time. However I'm back, I'm well and all of my exams have been done - and passed! Last weekend I went away with 13 friends, which was a lovely, much needed break. Now all I have to do is choose 60 Cheshire ales and design a beer festival programme, and sort out some accounts for the football club.... so I'm free-er than I was, but not completely free just yet.

I'm afraid I haven't much I can say on the crafting front. I've finished two items for the Ravelry Science/Space swap that I'm doing, but won't be posting pictures until they've been sent/received. I've also signed up for a mini swap on Sprite Stitch, so that's more stuff that I'll be making and not posting online. Once I've finished with the Ravelry swap items, I'll try to make a little something to post, so it's not too text heavy. I've been looking at M'aiq again, and I think he may be one of my next projects - I can't wait to have him finished and framed! I also have my secret project that I'm itching to start... Plus there are lots more squares I want to do for the GAL blanket... Oh, and a friend wanted some baby stuff making for her new arrival in Sept... I have a feeling that it's going to be a busy few months craft-wise!

So in summary - no new info, lots to make, pics to come next month. Yay!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Still here!

It's been a while since I blogged, and I'm afraid I haven't got anything new to share. I've been busy knitting for a Geek Swap on Ravelry (Science and Space themed) so I won't be uploading photos until that's all finished and received by the spoilee.

I've not been able to craft as much as I'd have liked either - I was planning to get loads done during the bank holiday weekend, but my boss lost his passport, so instead of crafting, I ended up flying to Venice on the Sunday, and meeting up with some business colleagues. I then had to drive from Venice to Strasbourg over 2 days (while stopping to meet customers) before travelling back by train on Wednesday. When I got home, I felt pretty rubbish, but assumed it was because of all the travel - turns out I'd picked up a nasty bug/virus, and I ended up being ill all of the following weekend (sleeping roughly 19 hours a day, impressive!). I'm almost recovered now, but still finding it tricky to concentrate on something for a long time, and staring at a computer screen isn't the most fun thing to do. No knitting has been done in over 10 days - unheard of for me! I'm hoping to get back into it this weekend.... however I've had to rearrange an exam, so I now have exams Mon and Tues next week and believe the weekend will be mostly spent revising madly. The boy is away with work this week (went this morning) so at least the house will be quiet and I can get lots done hopefully.

I'm really glad these are the last two exams of the year - it'll be so nice to get them done with! I still need to decide if I want to do next year or not. It seems silly not to do it, but there's a lot more work involved next year I believe.

I've also signed up for a mini swap on Sprite Stitch again - I had a long hard think, and I really don't think that I can do a larger swap justice, even though the time frame is longer than usual.

Right, I'm off to try and get better so that I can get some revision (and perhaps a tiny bit of knitting) done. I've seen lots of errors in this post and have changed them, but no doubt some have still got through! Toodles.