Thursday, 19 June 2014

Freedom! Well, kinda

It's been a hectic few weeks. Unexpected work trips, illnesses and exams do not make for a fun time. However I'm back, I'm well and all of my exams have been done - and passed! Last weekend I went away with 13 friends, which was a lovely, much needed break. Now all I have to do is choose 60 Cheshire ales and design a beer festival programme, and sort out some accounts for the football club.... so I'm free-er than I was, but not completely free just yet.

I'm afraid I haven't much I can say on the crafting front. I've finished two items for the Ravelry Science/Space swap that I'm doing, but won't be posting pictures until they've been sent/received. I've also signed up for a mini swap on Sprite Stitch, so that's more stuff that I'll be making and not posting online. Once I've finished with the Ravelry swap items, I'll try to make a little something to post, so it's not too text heavy. I've been looking at M'aiq again, and I think he may be one of my next projects - I can't wait to have him finished and framed! I also have my secret project that I'm itching to start... Plus there are lots more squares I want to do for the GAL blanket... Oh, and a friend wanted some baby stuff making for her new arrival in Sept... I have a feeling that it's going to be a busy few months craft-wise!

So in summary - no new info, lots to make, pics to come next month. Yay!

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