Tuesday, 15 July 2014


It's been a while since my last post, apologies. It's the beer festival this week, so things have been mad busy with the run up to that. This year we've had lots of little problems cropping up and in all honestly, it's been much more tricky than previous years. Still, this time next week it'll all be over.
So the last few posts have been pretty text heavy, as I've not been able to show you what I've been up to. Everything went well with the Science/Space swap, and my partner seemed to like what I sent, which is always a bonus! So, here we go with the pictures:

This is all of the handmade stuff I sent my partner. A darth vader dice bag (close up below), some Mass Effect and Star Trek magnets and a beautiful cowl, which is lovely soft merino wool that I added beads to. The pattern is called Equatorial Nights (it's from Ravelry) and each of the beads is placed to represent a star in the night sky, as viewed from the equator. I really didn't want to send it off, and have a feeling I may make it again for myself!

Dice bag close up

And the cowl in all of it's starry glory!
I also sent of a few other bits and pieces, some chocolate, a Word mug, some yarn etc.
But I know what you really want to know is what I received, right?

A lovely project bag, a yoda zip bag, a scarf in space-y colours, chocolate, some lovely vanilla chai tea (soooooo tasty!) a book which I haven't started yet (halfway through the first Game of Thrones book atm) some wool and an AMAZING Worf bookmark. I had so much fun unwrapping everything! Now I just need to find a pattern for the wool...

Speaking of which, I found a beautiful jumper pattern the other day, and ordered lots of wool for it. Must knit faster... New project is on the needles - His Hotness. There's nothing to show except for stripes at the moment, so I haven't taken a picture yet. Once it gets a bit more interesting I'll post one.

I did get some more work done on M'aiq - here he is as of the end of June. Since then I've filled in all of the gaps on his face. Now I just need to do his hood!

The next task is going to be the Sprite Stitch swap - I know what I want to make, I've ordered what I need, now I just need to start it. There's a second item I'm considering making, but I'll see how the first goes and how I'm doing for time.

I need to go and chase beer deliveries now - wish me luck! I'll post after the beer festival, if I survive.

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