Tuesday, 2 August 2016

That time of the year again...

Apologies. I really am trying to keep the blog updated more, honestly. It's just that things get so hectic around the beer festival this time of year, even more so when a career change is on the cards and Pokemon Go has been released (Team Instinct, in case you were wondering!)

But enough of that. How are things progressing? The short answer is slowly. I've really been struggling for both time and motivation lately. My Fusion in Paris knitted top was coming along well - I've finished the body and all I need to do now is to pick up some stitches around the armholes and knit two short sleeves. Sadly, like lots of my projects, I'm struggling to find the will power to sit down and pick up those stitches. Hopefully I'll manage to get round to it a bit later this month. Then all that needs doing is weaving in the ends - something so small and easy to do that I hate doing.

I have managed to work on the Epic Pokemon Gen 1, and here are some picture updates:

That's all for now - I have a funny feeling that updates will be few and far between while I get used to a few changes. Hopefully the next update will either be the completed 3rd page from the Epic Pokemon stitch, or the completed Fusion in Paris!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Any progress is good progress, right?

Good news! The Fusion in Paris top is going well. I've done the body (there was a slight mishap with the shaping on one side but I don't think it'll be too noticeable) and have just started the bottom ribbing. Hopefully I'll be able to get a picture of it for the next post - I didn't take one last time I tried it on. Just the bottom ribbing and sleeves to do, then weaving in all of the ends. Luckily there's not too many ends!

I did get a little bit bored of knitting, so picked up the Epic Pokemon Gen 1 cross stitch. I keep meaning to get more done on it, but it's so bulky that I only want to do it when I know I have a few hours at a time that I can dedicate to it and that doesn't happen very often. Still, progress is progress, and I managed to get some more of it done. Here's a pic of before I started:

And here it is after I finished for the night:

I know it doesn't look like much, but it's an evening's work. There's a few large blocks of single colours coming up soon so once I get cracking on those it'll look like lots of progress is being made. It's always tricky to see progress when you're just filling in the odd gap here and there! I've got quite a lot going on at the moment so I'm not sure when I'll next pick it up. The beauty of the Fusion in Paris top is that it was a very simple knit and I could pick it up and do a few rows, or even a few stitches here and there when I had a bit of spare time.

More pics and updates soon - hopefully with a finished top! 

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Fusion in Paris - the beginning

After my mad finishing skills this year I decided it was time to start something new. (side note - I've atted the border around Snape, but I still don't have a good photo. Soon I'll post something, honest!) I'd bought a bag of Wendy Fusion wool from a shop that was closing down a while ago and spent ages browsing Ravelry trying to find the perfect pattern. Something that looked exciting but not too tricky. I narrowed it down to a couple of choices and in the end I went for $5 in Paris as lots of people said it was a great pattern to follow for a first sweater. It's a top down raglan sweater, which means you can try it on as you go - sounded like a good plan to reduce errors.

I jumped in. Measured myself and started making the larger size. Had just come to the end of the ribbing when I tried it on.... and it was far too large. I undid all of the knitting and started again, on a smaller size. I read through lots of comments and it seemed that having a large neck (well, the cardigan having a large neck anyway) was a common problem, and elastic was a good solution. I've since been out and bougth some elastic, just in case.

After dropping a stitch relatively early on (about halfway through the top ribbing) and being unable to work out where, I restarted. 3rd time's the charm, right?

It seems to be. I really hope I don't have to restart it again as I'm much further along now. I'm really happy with how it's turning out, and I knew that a sweater would be quite a big project but this is coming along a little bit quicker than I thought it would. Yay for bulky wool!

A red top underneath is perhaps not the best thing to wear when the wool is red/orange, but it was what I was wearing at the time. Hopefully I'll have another update soon!

Friday, 22 April 2016

GAL blanket - 2014

I've finally finished my 2014 GAL blanket!

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but the Geek-A-Long is organised by Lattes and Llamas, who are using it to spread awareness of a fantastic charity called Child's Play. All the details are over on their website, along with the squares they've released for the GAL - from 2014 to present. There's also a widget so you can donate to the charity if you're interested.

As the name suggests, I started this back in 2014, and finished it last night. I'd had the squares finished ages ago, and they were just sat on the side, waiting to be joined together into one awesome blanket. It was my first attempt at double knitting and also my first applied i-cord edging to finish off the blanket. I am incredibly happy with how it's turned out - being double knit it's lovely and warm, and reversible! It is perhaps a little bit small for a full blanket but would make a great baby blanket. I picked the fandoms that my partner and I love (and that didn't look too difficult!) so it's quite a personal blanket for the pair of us.

The first year they did this, 2014, the theme was geeky, trying to encompass all types of geeky fandoms. Last year, 2015 focused on scientists. This year is video games - I've already found about 6 squares that I want to make, but am desperatly trying to finish off some more things before I think about starting another blanket! I'd definitely have to make it bigger next time, probably 24 squares. It may happen in the future though...

Still need to edge His Hotness aka Snape, but I did get that out last night and wove in the loose ends. Now I just need to summon the courage to sit down and pick up lots of stitches - something I'm not fond of doing! I also realised that M'aiq the Liar cross stitch is still not quite complete, and that I have another unfinished cross stitch lying about somewhere... There's also the Doctor Who quilt top that I need to attach to a back. No rest for the wicked I guess!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Finished projects everywhere...

Almost the end of March, and I have TWO finished projects!

First up is the commission for a friend. I think they know someone that likes coffee...

They've said that they'll sort out getting it framed and everything, so all I need to do is give it a quick wash and iron before giving it to them. They've seen the pic and loved it, hopefully the recipient will as well!

I've also managed to finish off the little barn owl stitch - here he is with the completed cross stitches and a tiny bit of back stitching

And here he is after the rest of the back stitching! I forgot to put the two french knots in for eyes, but I really like how he looks without them so I don't think I'll bother adding them.

Really happy with how he's turned out, it was a lovely little kit.

So that's 4 completed projects so far this year. Not bad for the end of March! I've also started putting together the blanket squares and am happy with the progress that I'm making with that. Hopefully there'll be another finished project to show off soon...

Friday, 18 March 2016

WIP - Barn Owl

I really have no idea where the months keep going... it feels I was only posting a week ago, but upon checking, it was almost a whole month ago.

Good news - the commission piece is almost finished. All of the writing is done, all I need to do now is add a mug of coffee to the bottom. Once it's done and with the owner I'll post a photo.

Bad news - I found another WIP. I started a barn owl cross stitch kit on the way to London back in October, but I miscounted, got annoyed and had to undo it all. Then apparently I restarted it, although I can't remember doing so! I took this to my new stitching group this week, and got quite a bit done, here's how it's looking so far!

The annoying thing about this project is that the colours are quite light, as is the aida. But I'm happy with the progress I've made this month. I'm not looking forward to backstitching all of the details at the end, but hopefully it won't take too long. I might even have it finished next time I update!

All of the other WIPs are still WIPs... I'm hoping to have a bit of time to sit down over the Easter weekend to sit down and work on some of them. But first I really should finish that commission. Coffee cup, wash, iron and possibly frame. The end is in sight!

Monday, 22 February 2016

How is it nearly the end of February already?!

Yikes, time does seem to be going quickly these days. I can't believe it's nearly the end of February already. I know it's a short month, but this seems crazy! But I do have good news...

It's the second month of the year, and I have a second completed project. For me, that's fantastic. True, both finished object of the year so far have been simple, but the main thing is that I've finished them. I was really tempted to put the blanket to one side and "forget" about weaving in all of the ends, but I plodded on and got it done.

But what about the second finished project of 2016? That nearly got put to one side because I couldn't be bothered to sew on the pom pom. But I forced myself to get it done and am really glad that I did.

Pre-pom pom
Post-pom pom
The hat was a kit containing wool for the body of the hat and a pom pom for the top, and was given to me by a friend last Christmas. It had been languishing in the wool stash and seemed like an easy make so I thought I'd make it while it's still a bit chilly! I started knitting on straight 5.5mm needles as per the pattern, but soon realised that it was going to be an absolute nightmare to sew up. I then switched to circular needles (which made the stocking stitch section incredibly simple!) and misread the pattern slightly - you're supposed to start on 5.5mm needles, then switch to 6.5mm needles after finishing the ribbing.... I started on the 6.5mm needles straight away, so the ribbing is pretty loose. It's still comfortable and hasn't fallen off yet, so luckily it's not a major problem. Getting it off the circular needles was probably trickier than it needed to be, but I got there in the end, got the 2 ends sewn in and added the pom pom at the knitting group. I love how this has turned out, the colour is awesome and it's very cosy.

So, what next? I've started on a commission piece, and even did a tiny bit of work on the Epic Pokemon cross stitch. Wool has been purchased for the GAL blanket edging, and the Snape edging, and I'm eyeing up a cool cabled wrap (I've not tried cabling before, so that could be fun/awful). I've also got a cool bead kit thing that a friend bought me so I may even try that next. I have a feeling that I won't be able to keep up the one finished project a month for long, but if I pick and choose projects wisely, it might continue a little bit longer!