Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Finished projects everywhere...

Almost the end of March, and I have TWO finished projects!

First up is the commission for a friend. I think they know someone that likes coffee...

They've said that they'll sort out getting it framed and everything, so all I need to do is give it a quick wash and iron before giving it to them. They've seen the pic and loved it, hopefully the recipient will as well!

I've also managed to finish off the little barn owl stitch - here he is with the completed cross stitches and a tiny bit of back stitching

And here he is after the rest of the back stitching! I forgot to put the two french knots in for eyes, but I really like how he looks without them so I don't think I'll bother adding them.

Really happy with how he's turned out, it was a lovely little kit.

So that's 4 completed projects so far this year. Not bad for the end of March! I've also started putting together the blanket squares and am happy with the progress that I'm making with that. Hopefully there'll be another finished project to show off soon...

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