Friday, 16 November 2012

Paul 2 and Jayne Cobb hat

So last night I finished these. I say finished, but I'm planning to line the inside of the hat, so it's not completely finished yet.

Here is the Paul 2. It's supposed to a take on the "Audrey 2" from Little shop of horrors, but hasn't turned out as well as I'd have hoped. The leaves on the back do look a little bit like ears, and the tongue is a bit funny. Hoping Paul likes his housewarming gift! Photo isn't great, but was the best I could manage last night.

Jayne Cobb hat. Just realised that it looks quite small, and I'm trying to work out if that's because the pom pom is really big, or because I took a photo of it far away. Going to try and get some fabric to line the hat this weekend, although I haven't a clue what I'm doing with it.

So, what next? Lemmings blanket, knited clothes, Christmas stuff or a dragon blanket for my neice? Lots of things I'd like to do, just need to organise myself and decide what order to do them in!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Quick update:

Jayne Cobb hat - have half an earflap to do, a pom pom, and then will have to tidy up the ends. Hoping to get some fleecey material at the weekend so that I can line the hat before sending to my brother at Uni.

Epic Gen1 Pokemon - not done much on this recently, hoping to pick it up again soon.

Audrey 2 - made some leaves for this, just need to attach them and make a plant pot to put it all in. Hoping to have it done this week.

Lemmings blanket - have got the design in my head and on paper, all I need is some lemming skin coloured wool. Going to make this using crocheted granny squares... hopefully. Next project after Audrey 2.

NaNoWriMo - ideas and a vague plan on paper. Currently have 237 words. So.... not going too well. Aim is to write 50000 words in November, meaning that to hit the target, I need another 49763, which is roughly 3110 words per day.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Jayne Cobb Hat - WIP

So this week I've mainly been working on a Jayne Cobb hat, which will probably go to my brother (he's a huuuuge Firefly fan)

The pic below doesn't really do it justice - the orange is a BRIGHT ORANGE, and the yellow is quite bright as well. Main part of the hat is knitted, all I need to do now is make some red earflaps, a pom pom and tie in all of the ends. BF doesn't think my bro will wear this, as it is a pretty bright hat, but we'll see. Even if he doesn't wear it, I'm enjoying knitting it so far.

I also picked up the super cute but hard to sew up teddy bear onesy, and have sewn up the feet to a point where they'll do for now. One foot turned out really well, the other one didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. I may go back and redo that one. Buttons on the front are now sewn in, and all I have to do is decide how I want to sew/popper/zip/velco the inside legs together. May take it down to the knitting group and get some feedback from people there in a couple of weeks. Will try to take a photo soon.

Monday, 5 November 2012

WIP update

Still working on the pokemon cross stitch, and will be for a loooong long time.

Scarf - my gran stole this off me, and swapped it for a knitted scarf she's struggling with. Still waiting for the scarf she wants me to finish off, so no scarf in progress at the moment.

Jayne Cobb hat - pattern from Ravelry (there's a few to choose from on there!) knitting this on dpns, and I believe it'll go to my little brother (using cheap acrylic yarn, so will probably line the hat with a nice soft/warm material when finished). Using a very bright orange yarn - hoping it will turn out ok, and that the hat will fit my brother! He seems to have a pretty large head...

Audrey 2 - coming together ok, have a mouth, tongue and head all sewn together. Will try to make some leaves this week, and attach these and some teeth. Wondering whether to make my own plantpot, or try and buy a very small one.

Yarn converter and explanation

To explain - this was testing embedding out on our new work website. Thought it would be good to see if it came out ok on a different blog website, and as this was up and running, this was the chosen blog! Probably not a very useful tool for crafters out there, unless they're involved in the textile industry. Ah well.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pics of recent things

Here is a pic of the Epic Pokemon Generation1 cross stitch pattern. The pattern is from a wonderful forum called Sprite Stitch, where crafts and gaming combine. As you can see, I still have a long way to go before this project is complete!

Quick pair of handwarmers, which will be off to my gran for Christmas. Pattern from Ravelry, Lovely and soft, and I'll be making a few more pairs of these soon.

Here is the Oddish (complete with salsa on his nose). Pattern for this was from although I knitted the leaves from a free Ravelry pattern (seems I can crochet in the round, but not flat, something I plan to work on)

And a chain chomp, without his chain in this picture. Used felt for the eyes, and made 3 little i-cords for his chain.

Friday, 2 November 2012

The first post

Wow... Little bit daunting trying to come up with content for a first post. I thought a blog might be an interesting way of talking about everyday life and my crafting, rather than me talking about it face-to-face with people and boring them to death. Even if no one reads this, it's nice to be able to come here and ramble on!

So, a little about me... I learnt to knit when I was young (my Gran taught me) and I also used to cross stitch. It had been a few years since doing anything crafty (doing an engineering degree greatly reduces the amount of free time anyone has, especially if you're working at the same time!) and I decided to start cross stitching again. I made a sampler for my best friend's wedding, and a generic landscape design. Not content with cross stitch, I also decided I'd give knitting another go. After an itchy scarf made for the boyfriend, I made a few other scarfs using "fancy" yarn. My younger brother became a father, and my little niece is now the proud owner of several pairs of shoes, a cardigan and a hat, all knit by her Aunt. A freind of mine managed to get me interested in crochet, and I began doing some amigurumi. So far I've done an oddish for the boyfriend (he stuck the eyes and mouth on) and a chain chomp. Next challenge is to create an AudreyII from the Little Shop of Horrors for a friend.

When I'm not crafting, I can be found working, helping to organise an annual beer festival, in the gym, chilling out at home with a film/tv series/football/gaming or in the pub. There's a local craft group that actually meets in the pub twice a month, and I've started going to that. Everyone's friendly, asking about your latest projects and offering advice.

On the go at the moment, I have a basic scarf (something simple to pick up and do a little bit on when I have a few spare minutes) AudreyII (which require a litle more concentration, and number counting) and an Epic generation1 Pokemon Cross stitch. I also have a scarf that I need to finish off with a couple of beads, and a baby onesy that needs sewing together (attempted to sew it together once and got annoyed with it).

I've also signed up to NaNoWriMo, and have an idea that hasn't made it to paper yet... Hopefully I'll get some done on it this weekend.

I'll post a couple of pics of things completed/in progress, along with some more info on them.