Friday, 9 November 2012

Jayne Cobb Hat - WIP

So this week I've mainly been working on a Jayne Cobb hat, which will probably go to my brother (he's a huuuuge Firefly fan)

The pic below doesn't really do it justice - the orange is a BRIGHT ORANGE, and the yellow is quite bright as well. Main part of the hat is knitted, all I need to do now is make some red earflaps, a pom pom and tie in all of the ends. BF doesn't think my bro will wear this, as it is a pretty bright hat, but we'll see. Even if he doesn't wear it, I'm enjoying knitting it so far.

I also picked up the super cute but hard to sew up teddy bear onesy, and have sewn up the feet to a point where they'll do for now. One foot turned out really well, the other one didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. I may go back and redo that one. Buttons on the front are now sewn in, and all I have to do is decide how I want to sew/popper/zip/velco the inside legs together. May take it down to the knitting group and get some feedback from people there in a couple of weeks. Will try to take a photo soon.

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