Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Quick update:

Jayne Cobb hat - have half an earflap to do, a pom pom, and then will have to tidy up the ends. Hoping to get some fleecey material at the weekend so that I can line the hat before sending to my brother at Uni.

Epic Gen1 Pokemon - not done much on this recently, hoping to pick it up again soon.

Audrey 2 - made some leaves for this, just need to attach them and make a plant pot to put it all in. Hoping to have it done this week.

Lemmings blanket - have got the design in my head and on paper, all I need is some lemming skin coloured wool. Going to make this using crocheted granny squares... hopefully. Next project after Audrey 2.

NaNoWriMo - ideas and a vague plan on paper. Currently have 237 words. So.... not going too well. Aim is to write 50000 words in November, meaning that to hit the target, I need another 49763, which is roughly 3110 words per day.

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