Monday, 5 November 2012

WIP update

Still working on the pokemon cross stitch, and will be for a loooong long time.

Scarf - my gran stole this off me, and swapped it for a knitted scarf she's struggling with. Still waiting for the scarf she wants me to finish off, so no scarf in progress at the moment.

Jayne Cobb hat - pattern from Ravelry (there's a few to choose from on there!) knitting this on dpns, and I believe it'll go to my little brother (using cheap acrylic yarn, so will probably line the hat with a nice soft/warm material when finished). Using a very bright orange yarn - hoping it will turn out ok, and that the hat will fit my brother! He seems to have a pretty large head...

Audrey 2 - coming together ok, have a mouth, tongue and head all sewn together. Will try to make some leaves this week, and attach these and some teeth. Wondering whether to make my own plantpot, or try and buy a very small one.

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