Thursday, 31 October 2013

CC Box 16

As promised, here's my post on CC Box 16

The theme this month? The Circus.

I really loved this month's art card, which is by Luke Spooner. I just wish I could get it the right way up on here, grrr!

There were lots of bits and pieces in the box, including some beautiful purple beads, wome red and white stripey buttons, a set of circus stamps (again, the picture wo't go the right way up for some reason - I really must start taking pics on a proper camera instead of my phone) some paper tickets, 3 lovely mask charms, a couple of double sided craft papers plus some temporary tattoos. I love the black and purple circus card, but have no idea what to do with it at the moment. I may just frame it, along with a couple of the art cards from the Crafty Creatives boxes.

The stamps look like they could be fun, but I'll have to go out and get an ink pad to use them with I think. I'm going to attempt to make a pair of earrings from the beads in the near future, nice and simple ones. What I'll do with the rest of them, I'm not quite sure yet!
As well as all of these lovely goodies, there was the kit for this month, which was to make a kitsch animal necklace. My kit contained a lovely black panther, although I'm not sure I'll turn it into a necklace.
There was also a second suggested 'kit' which was to make some circus themed coasters. The box had some card circles, some black and white circus prints and PVA glue to do this with, and they suggested using the temporary tattoos on these as well. While I may not make the coasters, I'm tempted to decorate a ccouple of plain cardboard boxes with the tattoos, possibly after decopatching them.

There were some really lovely items in the box this month and my brain is whirring with suggestions of things to do with them.
A quick update on the crocheted blanket - only 8 squares left to sew together, then it will be complete! Pictures to follow once it's complete, I promise. I'm hoping to get it finished before Tuesday so I can take it to the local knitting/crochet group. I'm also still working on the Sprite Stitch swap gift, and hope to have it complete this weekend. Lots of crafting to do, too little time to do it in!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Finished item and some WIPs

It's been a while since I posted, life has been busy! I've been looking at houses, and found a nice one, which has led to lots of learning about mortgages. Exciting stuff! I've also been busy with work for the accounting course I started in September, and we've had a new starter at work.

Even with everything else, I've still managed to find some time to craft! I completed my cowl in Sirdar Giselle. I really love how this turned out - Purse stitch was quite simple to pick up, and resulting in some fairly mindless knitting in front of the TV. Sewing it up was quite easy as well, especially compared to other recent projects! The copper flecks look great next to the blues, I just wish I could get a better photo of it.

And I've done some more work on the Wingspan shawl in King Cole Galaxy since this picture-I'm now on the 4th 'triangle'. I'm really liking how the colours are coming out on this, such a lovely subtle shade change. I'll try to post another pic soon showing the colours a bit better.

But the main thing I've been working on this week is the crocheted blanket. 120 squares. So far I've managed to get 30 squares sewn together (but forgot to take a photo, as I'm silly) and realised that I have a lot of ends to sew in once they're sewn together. If I ever decide to make another blanket like this again, remind me not to use black wool - it's driving me crazy!
Here's a poor picture of most of the squares... there's a lot more black than any other colour, and it makes me want to cry.

I'm aiming to get at least 6 squares sewn on each day, so it should hopefully be finished in a couple of weeks. But, you know what they say about good intentions and all that...
This weekend I really need to finish off my Sprite Stitch swap gift, which means getting the sewing machine out. I've got most of the weekend to myself, so may indulge in lots of craftyness (and square sewing)
The latest Crafty Creative Box arrived this week as well - I'll do a post on that next week hopefully, once everyone else has received theirs so that I don't accidently spoil the contents for anybody.
Final (slightly scary) thought for this post - I've been blogging for almost a year (My first post was 2nd Nov). It doesn't seem that long ago I started this nonsense!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

CC Box 15

I'm pretty late posting this...

CC Box 15. I was pretty excited to receive my 3rd Crafty Creatives Box. What would it contain? What would this months theme be?

Here are the contents:

The theme was monochrome, in case it wasn't obvious!

The contents: FQ of monocrome fabric, a CC blank page notebook, art card, chalkboard clip, black and white headed pins, a graphite pencil, Stabilo Sensor pen, domino beads, polymer clay rose, teabag folding squares, some prints from Aubrey Beardsley and the CC kit - needle felting with black and white wool.

I must say, I really like the fabric, although I've not decided what I'll do with it, and the polymer rose and domino charms are pretty too. The pins will most likely come in handy when I decide what I'm doing with the fabric. The art card wasn't my cup of tea, and I'm not fussed about needle felting (although I have a friend who has wanted to have a go for ages, so she'll be having a play with the kit. I might give the tea bag folding a try, but doubt I'll make much use of the pen/pencil/doodle book as I'm not very artistic (I can draw Garfield eating a burger and that's about it!)

If I'm honest, this month's box didn't appeal to me greatly, which is a shame. My friend is happy though, as it means she can try needle felting out! You can't please everybody sadly, and I'm hoping next month's box will be a little bit more suited to me! Hopefully I'll be able to blog about it a bit sooner next time.