Monday, 17 November 2014

Long time no post...

Oooops! It's been a while since my last blog entry, apologies. Life has been... busy. Lots of things going on with work, college has started up again (first exam this term coming up very quick) and so I've not had much time to write. However.... I do have some finished pics to share! :)

First up is 'His Hotness', aka Severus Snape illusion knit. I'm still debating how to finish him and what to do with him. I kind of want to display him, but at the same time I think he's too lovely to hide at home and I want to take him out and about. Suggestions welcome!

From the front...

From the side...

I've also done a fair bit of baking lately... a lovely chilli chocolate tart

A very chocolatey cake with extra chocolate on top

And a dinosaur cake, made for a birthday gathering (my boyfriend decorated the dinosaur cakes on top - which were pretty tasty!) "This Land" was my little nod to Firefly - something all of the birthday folk like.

I've also completed another couple of squares for the GAL blanket, which I'll share next time. After my next exam I have a crafty day planned with a friend, so there should be some more pics after that hopefully - I think I'm getting the sewing machine out, just need to decide what to make! (Yes, I'm aware I still have a Doctor Who quilt to put together... but why finish one project when I can start another?!)