Tuesday, 27 August 2013

CC Box 14

This months Crafty Creatives box arrived last week, and I've been itching to get stuck into it. I managed to take a few photos before messing with the contents this time, so... here we go!

So, what's in the box this month? The art card may give you a hint, and the checked paper.

This month the theme is Western! Some really lovely things inside the box this month, including the following:

Some lovely pieces of denim, turquoise beads, decorated craft papers, star shaped studs, suedette floral trim, printed fleece (so soft!) feather charms and a bear fetish pendant.

There were also 2 kits this month, a dreamcatcher kit and a rope basket kit - I'm looking forward to trying both of these.

I made a charm bracelet over the weekend, and included a couple of the feather charms (I'll try to blog about the bracelet in another post soon)
I'm still pondering what to do with the denim, fleece, studs and beads, but I'm sure I'll think of something soon. I really liked the theme of CC14, and can't wait to see what they do for CC15!


Friday, 16 August 2013

Feeling lost

Well, I finally finished off the evil scarf of fluff. I will post pictures soon hopefully. Weaving in the ends was a nightmare. I really must stop buying 'fashion' yarns. While they look and feel lovely, I hate sewing them up!

This means that I currently don't have a knitting project, and I'm feeling a bit lost. This is ridiculous really, as I have lots of other craft pieces to finish off and keep telling myself to finish a couple before starting something new. I've got M'aiq who needs to be finished, and there's lots of work to be done on the Epic Pokemon cross stitch. There's also an unfinished wizard cross stitch, and a lion cub. So why aren't I finishing any of these off? I think it's because I'm a little fed up of threads and needles and hoops at the moment. I've been working on the DWSAL quite a lot recently, and feel like I'm burnt out on needlework. On the bright side, I've done all 11 doctors, and am just finishing the 12th patch - a tardis. Once I've finished the 12th block, I'll wash (and possibly even iron) the other blocks and post some pictures. Then it's just the *small* task of quilting it (I did buy some quilting fabric the other day, so at least I'm prepared!)

Once again, I've made the post pretty word-heavy. So here's a couple of pictures showing my wizard cross stitch WIP - and hopefully it'll be clear why I put it away and stopped working on it!

The background is supposed to be half stitches... bt stupid, naive me read them as 3/4 stitches. I can't decide whether to give up completely, make them all 3/4 stitches, or unpick all of the background stitches and turn into half stitches. Dilema! It's a shame, because it's quite a nice kit (although the beads are pain to add)

I'll be thinking about my next knitting project over the weekend (while I work on some of the others!) and go through my yarn stash. So many fashion yarns to do soemthing with before I can justify buying more yarn!

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Craft Box Company - Review

I had an email alerting me a new Twitter follower last week, the Craft Box Company. This new follower looked interesting, so I did a bit of snooping (well, I checked their website) to find that they supply craft boxes with various kits inside them. When they mentioned they were looking for bloggers to review one of their kits, I volunteered straight away!

A few days later, I was rudely woken by the postman. I didn't mind once I opened up my parcel!

I received the Button Bracelet kit, and loved the contents

The kit had everything I needed - including pliers, which was fantastic. The selection of buttons was lovely as well, although my camera doesn't do the colours justice.

Bracelet, buttons, jump rings, instructions and pliers

The instructions were fairly clear - although it might have been nice to have a couple of pictures to illustrate some of the points a bit more clearly. I got stuck in straight away, and it wasn't long before I had a few buttons on my bracelet.

It was quite simple once I had the hang of it and it kept me amused for quite a while. The only problem I had was with one of the buttons which had holes a little bit further from the edge than was ideal, as you can see from the picture below.

I did manage to get this button on in the end, but it was quite fiddly. All of the others went on easily. There was just one other thing I disliked about this kit, and that was the number of pink buttons! (I'm not a fan of pink, and there were about 5 pink buttons) That's just a personal preference though, and nothing against the kit itself.

Ta da!

I had a lot of fun making this, and would quite happily buy this kit for crafty friends, or perhaps even a couple for a girls crafty night in. The kits aren't too pricey, and are good fun.

I've had another look at the Craft Box Company's website today, and it looks like they are adding more craft boxes to the range, I can't wait to see what they come up with next - I'm liking the look of the new Birds Nest Necklace box.

You can follow Craft Box Company on Twitter @CraftBoxCompany and visit their website http://www.thecraftboxcompany.co.uk/

For the record - I'm not being paid to review this box, and all views are my own. If I didn't like it, I'd say so with brutal honesty!