Friday, 16 November 2012

Paul 2 and Jayne Cobb hat

So last night I finished these. I say finished, but I'm planning to line the inside of the hat, so it's not completely finished yet.

Here is the Paul 2. It's supposed to a take on the "Audrey 2" from Little shop of horrors, but hasn't turned out as well as I'd have hoped. The leaves on the back do look a little bit like ears, and the tongue is a bit funny. Hoping Paul likes his housewarming gift! Photo isn't great, but was the best I could manage last night.

Jayne Cobb hat. Just realised that it looks quite small, and I'm trying to work out if that's because the pom pom is really big, or because I took a photo of it far away. Going to try and get some fabric to line the hat this weekend, although I haven't a clue what I'm doing with it.

So, what next? Lemmings blanket, knited clothes, Christmas stuff or a dragon blanket for my neice? Lots of things I'd like to do, just need to organise myself and decide what order to do them in!

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