Thursday, 4 July 2013

DWSAL and Beer Festival

It's been a couple of weeks since my last updatw, and things have been busy! I've been stitching away with the Dr Who Stitch A Long, current progress stands at doctors 1 & 2 completed and washed, with doctors 3, 4 and 7 stitched and doctor 6 is currently being stitched. It may seem like an odd order, and that's because it is. I couldn't find my print out of 5, and need to copy 5 and 8 onto fabric soon. I'll try to post pictures soon, once I've washed some of them. So far I've used back stitch, chain stitch and split stitch, and so far I've avoided French knots. There do seem to be a lot of French knots for doctor number 6, wondering whether I should attempt them, or come up with an alternative...

I've also made progress with the Resident Evil cushion cover - as in I've attached the logo to the fabric and added the bias binding. All I need to do now is cut the fabric down to size, and attache the front of the cushion to the back! I think I've decided to go with an envelope opening rather than a zip, as it looks much easier, and I have some large black buttons I can add to the back.

It's also nearly time for the beer festival, which is next weekend. I feel sort of on top of it at the moment, which is unusual! I've ordered the beers, and the ciders, and this year have also made the programme (I did cheat and used last years format - made it much easier) This weekend will be spent helping put up marquees, and next week will involve checking the beer that arrives - not by drinking it sadly! Then next Fri/Sat/Sun I'll be helping at the festival, as per usual. It's good fun, although the days are long. I'm hoping that a few of my friends will make it over this year, and that I'll have time to see them!

Sadly, this means that not much crafting will get done over the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping I'll find time to take some photos and upload them though!

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