Friday, 8 May 2015

Empty promises

Howdy all! I know in my last post I promised lots of pictures... but I'm afraid that's not to be at the moment. I've just changed phones and I'm struggling to get the pictures from the phone memory onto the computer (yes, I'm technically challenged. As soon as that's done, you'll get pictures, I promise!

I'm a bit annoyed I can't get pics onto the blog, as I'd love to share with you my first attempt at lace knitting - a lovely pattern called Take it or leaf it from Ravely. I used my sparkly purple Louisa Harding Orielle yarn, which was incredibly soft and touchable. Mmmm alpaca. I was chuffed with how it came out - and even more impressed when it fit over my head! I had worried that it wouldn't when I started the pattern. And yes, I'm aware that the weather has gotten nicer so I'll probably have to wait a few months before I can start using it. Something that I'm certainly not complaining about!

Since the last post, I've also been shopping for some fabric for the back of my first quilt and have signed up to a dressmaking course which starts soon. Add college work to that, a couple of business trips with work and a beer festival... I think blog posts will be sporadic at best, but will do what I can. I've also completely finished the 2nd page of the Epic Pok√©mon Gen1 pattern, meaning there's only 28 pages to go, yay!

Plenty to do, and so little time to do it. Hopefully I can get my phone working properly soon and start adding more photos.

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