Friday, 29 January 2016

First finished project of 2016

What's that? A finished project?! But it's only January!!!

Here it is!

Close up of the blanket
Folded blanket

That's right, one project has been finished! I did the last of the crocheting last week, and this week I've spent what seems like forever sewing in all of the ends. I almost put it aside and started working on something else, but managed to resist temptation and completed it properly for once.

If you'd like your own diagonally striped crochet blanket, here's a nice link to the instructions, which are pretty easy to follow, especially if you have some crochet knowledge. If you don't have any crochet knowledge but want to tackle this project anyway, then I say go for it! Have a quick practice making a small square to get the hang of it, then get on and do it. I'm not a great crocheter, but really enjoyed making this blanket as it didn't require too much concentration once you'd got the steps in your head. It's a great winter make as it's lovely and cosy on your knees as it grows. It was also a great stash buster - Although I did end up buying another 3 balls of wool so that I could keep my pattern going (3 bands of four blocks wide, then 1 band of two blocks, then 3 bands of four blocks etc)

So that's one project moved from the "work in progress" pile to the finished pile! YAY!

I was going to move onto one of the other WIPs, but realised I haven't got the materials I need for any of them. Looks like I'll be visiting a yarn shop soon... but this did meant that I ended up starting a new project - a one ball hat, on 2 needles. I regretted it almost as soon as I started, as the wool is slightly awkward to knit with and will be an absolute nightmare to sew up at the end. Ah well, I'm sure that I'll struggle on and get it done, it should be a reasonably quick knit.

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