Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lean, mean, crafting machine

I've been crafting. And not just crafting, but actually getting somewhere with things! I have started and completed projects. A fantastic feeling!

I'm going to start with a quick project I did the other weekend while the boyfriend was in Tenerife enjoying the sun

Knitted wristwarmers. With scales. A lovely pattern, which I bought from Craftymutt. Nice, easy knit and they feel lovely (I used Wendy Fusion yarn as it was cheap in my local yarn shop) I'm just waiting for the colder weather so I can get some use out of them! In case you're wondering, the right hand wristwarmer wasn't sewn up when I took the picture.

I also had a go at 'repurposing' some old jeans. These belonged to the bf, but they're too short for him.
I tried to make a bag, and think it turned out quite well for a first attempt!

I even managed to line it with my beautiful camper van fabric! If you saw my last post about the CratyCreatives box14, the 'belt' trim and studs on the right might look familiar.

The thing on the left is a beaded button I had lying around and I thought it would look nice on the bag.
The bag is a good size, nice and deep, and I'm planning to use the jeans pockets as bag pockets, rather than trying to add my own. The strap was made using one of the jean legs, and there's still plenty of denim left over for me to use in the future. Everything was sewn by hand, as I didn't dare use the sewing machine on denim.

I also managed to sew up the bolero I knitted up in April (I really don't know why I waited so long to sew it up - it was pretty easy!) and hopefully I'll have pictures of that to put up soon.

The granny squares are coming along nicely as well - I've done 103 so far, and need another 17 for the Lemming blanket (at least) Hopefully I'll get all the squares done this month, and then I'll have to put them all together somehow!

DWSAL - all the embroidered squares are finished! Now I just need to put them together into some quilt-like form... I have the materials, and now just need the time.

I'm glad I've had lots of crafting time recently - the next few weeks are looking hectic, and I've just started an accounting course for work so will have homework to do on top of everything else.

And it's the Sprite Stitch swap again, Sept - Oct! I've got the details for my swappee, and now need to come up with something cunning. I have a couple of ideas in mind so we'll see what happens!

Oh, and did I mention I've started my latest knitting project? Pics to come next time hopefully!

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