Thursday, 27 February 2014

CC Box 19

This one is a little late due to exams, moving etc etc.

Box 19 was the January box and the first of the new format. Insteasd of lots of little things, there would be one kit. The first kit they chose was marbling, which I had last done at primary school.

So what was in the kit?

There was a bottle of floater fluid, several paints and some items to marble - some cards, fabric and a heart shaped ceramic pendant.

Marbling is pretty simple - or so I thought. Pour in the floater fluid, add drops of the paint, drop in the item to be marbled. Getting patterns to look how you want is tricky though! I definately think that marbling is very much a 'free form' art.

And here are my attempts! I'm really pleased with how some came out, less pleased with others. Next time I think I'll use a slightly larger container for the liquid and paints, as I did struggle getting some of the cards onto the surface.

Conclusion? I'm not a huge marbling fan. It's interesting for a bit, but gets boring fairly quickly. I also have no idea what I'm going to do with any of the cards or fabric I've marbled!

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