Friday, 15 August 2014

Amazing brownies

I managed to bake this week! I was feeling a little bit off, and had planned to go to the gym but ended up baking instead.

When I said I wanted to bake, I was quized. Will it have bananas in? Will it have any strange/unusual ingredients? I guess that recently I've made a few banana-y things (leftover bananas in non-tasty cookies and a recipe for double chocolate fudge banana muffins which were pretty awful) and the sweet potato cookies were a bit unusual, but delicious, so the comments were fair. I was told that something chocolatey is always a safe bet, so made some chocolate cherry brownies.

So here we go - I even remembered to take a (bad) photo!

These were delicious. I used some chocolate cherry cocoa powder that I'd bought from Sugar and Crumbs which smelt amazing when it was opened. I also used the recipe from the website for the brownies, but left the in the oven a bit longer than it said to - I think my tin is a bit on the small side, so they ended up being very tall and taking a while to bake through.

They've gone down a treat. In fact, I've had to cut them in half to bring more into work today!

I'm now really looking forward to playing with my icing sugars, and will hopefully make some cakes this weekend (I still have lots of eggs to use up). If the cocoa pwder is anything to go by then they'll be delicious!

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