Thursday, 5 February 2015

Hello Old Friend...

We had a lot of snow last week, and I decided to spend the weekend at home, all nice and cosy, doing some knitting. Silly me forgot to print out the pattern for my latest blanket square however, so that plan failed. Determined not to start another new knitting project until I have at least one more square done, I turned to M'aiq. Who, is looking rather good! I spent a fair while working on him, but soon got bored of all of the confetti stitches. So, what to do... I decided to resurrect this project - after putting it to one side to work on something else for a bit (2 years ago, ooops!) I wanted to get some more done. Plus I keep getting mithered about when I'm actually going to work on it so it isn't just constantly taking up space...

Here he was at the start of the weekend:

And after!

Ok, so it doesn't look like all that much has been done - it is a huge project! Plus I did quite a bit of filling in small gaps. Really happy with how it's coming along. I've done a tiny bit more since then, but not very much.

And for anyone wondering how the c25k is going... I've done week2 run 1. Trying to fit running in around work (which is crazy at the moment) and college (exams are looming once again, end Feb and end March) and my latest fitness craze (which I may mention next time) is proving tricksy. Ah well, a quiet life would be boring, right?

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