Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Long time no blog

Ooops, it's been a while since my last blog.  I've been busy with beer festivals and all sorts. I managed to finish both swap projects for Sprite Stitch, and will post photos once the recipients have got them. Started a small cross stitch kit of a lion cub over the weekend, as I didn't fancy a night out in Burnley with the bf and his mates, and didn't have time to collect all the bits and pieces I would have needed for any of the projects I'm in the middle of. This means that I have 3 cross stitch projects on the go, and can't see me finishing any of them soon sadly.

I've also started on a knitted bolero, using Sirdar Firefly yarn. Here is a pic of the yarn (it's ribbon like, but not too difficult to knit with) and also a blurry pic of the back of the bolero. The yarn is quite stretchy, and is a little "scrunched" together on the needles in the above pic. I'm hoping it'll stretch to fit! I even made a tension square for this project - although with the yarn being s stretchy, it wasn't very useful. Is a tension square supposed to stretch to the correct size, or is it supposed to just *be* the right size? I'm hoping it's the first one.

Another quick project I did this weekend was an earring holder. Really simple and easy to do, but displays earrings nicely, I'm really happy with how this turned out, as it'll save me time when I want to find a pair of earrings.

I was asked by a friend doing the 10k run how my training was going earlier today. My answer was that it wasn't going great! I did the first run of week 3 on the couch to 5k plan last night, 9 days after the last run of week 2. I really must make more effort to go down to the gym more often. Sometimes I don't feel like running, and tend to do more cycling/rowing etc, and it's nice to do the occassional class, but it's tricky doing those along with 3 runs a week! Must try harder. The bf is away with work some of next week - shall have to see if I can motivate myself to go to the gym alone and run. Wish me luck!

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