Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The busy month of Feb

It's nearly the end of another month. This year is certainly going by quickly! It's been a busy one as well, with meetings, theatre trips (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - which I highly recommend) and friends getting married. I've also been pestered by some friends to do the "Tough Mudder" in October - but as I'm not getting far with the 10k training, and this is 13 miles (of torture - electric shock, icy water) I may give it a miss. Google it to see what I mean, it's certainly not something to enter into lightly.

I feel like it's been a resonably productive month. The bolero is coming along nicely, with the back and the left front finished. I started on the right front last night, and then I just need to do 2 sleeves and sew it together.

I spent the weekend working on the cross stitch of  M'aiq the Liar, and have realised that I'm missing most of the threads I need, so these were ordered last night. Hopefully I'll get a little more done of him next week.

Also, at least one of the swap gifts I made for Sprite Stitch was recieved, and as the other one was sent a couple of weeks earlier, I'm going to assume that's been received as well, and post some photos.

Silly me forgot to take a photo BEFORE putting it into the frame, leaving me with a nice shiny reflection. Gears of War logo, complete with dripping blood ont he bottom left. You can't tell from the pic, but I used DMC colour variation thread just so it wasn't all completely one colour. I really liked the effect, and the bf wants me to make one for his cousin (I politely suggested the bf learned to cross stitch if he wanted one for his cousin. He didn't seem so keen on that plan)

I had been wondering what to try out my punch needle on first, and decided that this was the project. A nice, fluffy Arcanine, which I then stitched onto a black cotton bag, securing it on with an orange and black border. Pretty happy with how this turned out, although I wish it was a little easier to pick out detail - for example he looks a little odd with completly black eyes. The trickiest bit was getting the design onto the aida - I'm no good at freehand drawing, and ended up tracing an outline from my laptop screen onto some paper, and then trying to transfer the image. Since then, I've found some simpler ways to transfer the image thankfully. The actual punch needle-ing wasn't too tricky, and quite therapeutic once I got going - stab, stab, stab into the cloth. The ladies at the craft group seemed to like it, and I said I'd bring the stuff with me to the next meeting so they can have a go.

Almost March - and I know for a fact that March will be a crazy month, with work travel and people's birthdays. Still, better busy than bored!


  1. This is surely a work of fine crafts. It can be used in designing attractive looking Shopping Bags. Thanks for sharing this info with us.

  2. I still use this! :D Sooooo many compliments and questions about it. :D
    It's currently a project bag full of hand dyed pink yarn. ;)

    - Arkani

    1. Hahaha, brilliant! Glad it's still being used! :D I was just thinking that I should do another needle punch project...