Friday, 8 March 2013

New toy

Well, this week I bought a sewing machine. I currently don't have much use for one, but now I have one, I'm sure I will. That's how it works, right? Planning to make a couple of cushions this weekend, and see how that goes. I was thinking of getting a good one for quilting, but rather than shell out on something expensive, I thought I'd be better off giving a smaller, cheaper one a go, and make sure I'm able to use a sewing machine.

It's pretty basic, and was fairly cheap (especially if you look at sewing machine prices - yikes!) I should have some free time to myself this weekend, so hopefully will have some pics of new creations next week. I have Sonic the Hedgehog fabric, and camper van fabric, and I was considering making a Resident Evil Umbrella Corp logo cushion, so have materials for that. Wish me luck!

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