Monday, 20 May 2013

Book review - Poison by Sarah Pinborough

Occassionally, I'm lucky enough to get free stuff. And when I do, I'm going to write a small review about it. The first one is a book,

Poison by Sarah Pinborough

I received this from Gollancz Geeks, who asked me to review it. I have to say, I’d heard some really good things about the book, but was slightly disappointed when I’d read it. I think it was because I was expecting something amazing, wonderful, out of this world fantastic, and while it is a good read, for me, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

The book is a retelling of Snow White, and it’s a decent story. I just wish there had been a little bit more character development, and interaction between characters. Poison is not a long book, and quite a lot of the book seems to be descriptions, with lots of similes and metaphors. While I enjoyed the attention to detail, I felt that it would have been nice to spend a bit more time getting to know the characters. For me, the characters seemed a little flat, and uninteresting.

The ending has a nice twist – pretty dark and original, and I thought it worked really well. I liked how it wasn’t set up to have a sequel, but there is the potential to have a sequel if Sarah Pinborough desires.

One thing I really loved about the book was the illustrations. Wonderfully done, and matching the story really well.

All in all, I wasn’t bowled over by Poison, but it was a nice easy read with great attention to detail and lovely illustrations.

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