Thursday, 30 May 2013

Quick update

Ooops! Been meaning to post for a while, but have been pretty busy lately. I've been (mostly) good this month, and haven't started many (just one!) new projects, and have even finished a couple!

Here's the Sprite Stitch April SAL that was carried over to May:

I was hoping to do a beaded heart in the centre, but didn't like how it turned out, so used bugle beads for the green and red borders instead. I quite like the effect this had, and it was pretty simple, so it's something I'll probably do again.

I also managed to finish off one of the cushion covers, hand sewing in the zip. Really impressed with how it turned out, and will try to get a decent photo for the blog.

While I did start one project, it's a simple stash busting one, using up some spare yarn I have. It's a simple knitted wrap, which is great for mindless knitting in front of the tv. It also won't require any sewing at the end! It's not a colour I'm mega keen on, and the yarn is a bit fiddly to work with (Sirdar Filigree) but I'll see how it turns out.

I've done a fair bit of crocheting, and also filled in a good portion of M'aiq. Pictures next week hopefully!

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