Monday, 20 May 2013

Review - Flower of Gold Rapeseed Oil (from Cheshire!)

So here's my second review - rapeseed oil from Flower of Gold.

After winning a competition on Twitter (I was the only person that entered, so I'm not fully sure it counts as 'winning') Flower of Gold sent me a bottle of their Rapeseed Oil. I'd never tried rapeseed oil before, and was intrigued.

The bottle arrived, and was really well packaged which was great. The oil is a lovely dark amber colour, and smells lovely. The first time I used it was on potato wedges, along with some parsnips and carrots that were roasted at the same time. They were delicious. Fairly sure that was due to the rapeseed oil rather than my peeling and cutting skills!

The next thing I tried it with was a stirfry - and again, it came out tasting wonderful. The rapeseed oil gave everything a lovely nutty and buttery flavour.

The best thing about Flower of Gold in my opinion? It's local. Grown in Cheshire. If you know me, you'll know I get involved with a local beer festival, where we only have Cheshire ales. (This year we will also have a Cheshire cider, which is pretty exciting, courtesy of )

How can you get some of this lovely rapeseed oil? It's out in some shops, and you can contact @FlowerOfGold on twitter if you want more information.

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